The Strongest Marketing Weapon for Tough Times

The world economy may look bleak but strong minded businesses and entrepreneurs will always find opportunities even amidst tough times like this. It’s not how much resources you have, it’s how resourceful you are. Promotional Products is your key weapon to beating the tough times and outshining your competitiors. Rev up your use of promotional products in your marketing mix as it’s one the most cost effective and fail safe strategy to ensure every dollar you spend is going to give you the right return on your investment. In a study released by the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products beat other types of media such as TV, print and radio, in terms of Cost Per Impression (CPI). In articles to come, we’ll share with you the the Advertising Specialty Institute’s findings and compelling reasons why you cannot not afford to dedicate a good size of your marketing budget to promotional products. Embrace the promo power now!