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Promotional Items & Branding Since 2005

PromosXchange is a supplier of promotional items and branding campaigns since 2005. We believe that promotional merchandise and marketing programs have the power to create the X factor difference in the community. Custom branded products can enhance a brand, bring light to important social issues and tighten bonds in communities.

Quality Promotional Items

We provide high quality promotional items with an international network . Our range of promotional merchandise and services are produced and delivered from a variety of locations including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India and Phillipines . We have high quality assurance abilities to make all your custom branding ideas a reality to inspire brand engagement and grow with the ever changing narratives.


Promotional Marketing Expertise

We work with various sectors including government agencies, non-profits and Big Brands to deliver their promotional campaigns from ideation to execution. With over 15 years experience in the industry, we have deep knowledge of branded marketing. We embrace ideas and use our creative problem solving skills to uncover opportunity. We have strong connections with delivery and supplier channels globally to ensure your campaigns are delivered excellently. Find out more here.


Corporate Branding with X factor

Your message is at the heart of what we do to deliver the X factor. We believe that a tailored message built for a specific group of people is the best way to drive home your brand’s relevance. Over the years, we have expanded our custom product range and offering to exceed your expectations with international brands such as Nike, Flexfit and Callaway. We provide complimentary design, delivery, sample and liberal returns for your merchandising needs, and a detailed proofing process, that ensures that each custom idea turns out perfectly on a product, whether it’s one t-shirt or thousands of various promotional products.


Promotional Products with Social Awareness

We are socially conscious in our business dealings. We work with a diverse range of trusted suppliers and channels to source responsible products and services such as eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise and processes. We realise the power of messages and work hard to bring more meaningful messages to fruition with our clients.

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