Promotional Products Create Better Brand Recall

I for one love to keep switching channels when I’m watching tv or listening to the radio to avoid annoying ads. Don’t you just love your remote! Good for us but not so good for tv and radio advertising. With many people inclined to switch channels like I do, can a typical consumer actually remember the advertiser he saw a few nights ago? I doubt it, especially when you add a couple of cold VBs (good ole Victorian Bitter beers) to the mix. I bet you they’re more likely to recall the advertiser on promotional products like the stubby holder they have in their home or office. Not convinced? Ask the Advertising Specialty Institute which reported that a whopping eighty four percent of people who had received promotional products remember the advertiser. That number is even higher for certain promotional products. For example, 94% of those who received promotional clothing remembered the advertiser, 90% for recipients of imprinted bags followed by 89% for recipients promotional caps.