2016 Merchandise Trends in the Fitness Industry

In recent years, many Australians have made the switch to a healthier lifestyle. They have swapped bad eating habits and a lazy lifestyle with a cleaner, and greener way of eating and ensure they get involved in fitness regimes before, after and even during a day in the office.

There are an unlimited number of self-proclaimed ‘fitness fanatics’ becoming well known across social media and developing online training programs for their fans as a way to make money.  Due to social media influence, young people today are even more inspired than before to adopt a healthier lifestyle to look as good as their online fitness idols. Whether you are an online fitness guru or running a fitness club, merchandise plays an important role in engaging your target audience to get them offline and create that physical connection.

Apparel is a huge merchandise trend in this industry.  Hoodies, t-shirts and tanks are extremely popular merchandise options, as clients can use such apparel for their workouts or even as everyday active wear whilst feeling like they belong to your workout community. You can feature motivational quotes or a simple logo of your brand to inspire your target audience to pursue their fitness journey with you.

Hoodies are an especially popular apparel choice as they are comfortable and provide a baggy outerwear for gym junkies to wear over their tank tops, shorts or even jeans.

hoodies Hoodies a popular apparel choice

Co-branding your logo with larger sporting brands such as Nike and Adidas with their big, bold logos and slogans painted across every apparel item is popular amongst younger people. “Logo-mania” is the term coined for such a trend and the question nowadays is not ‘what’ we are wearing, but “who” we are wearing. This trend has translated into many smaller businesses as well as they want to follow in the footsteps of successful brand names.

Along with vigorous exercise, taking supplements like protein drinks, pre-workouts and vitamins are ways have become commonplace to support a fitness lifestyle. As a fitness provider, you can incorporate this trend into your gift with purchase programs ie. you can provide a complimentary power shaker with every purchase of supplement or membership of a certain value. This would create a higher brand recall due to item’s convenience and useability.

Use power shakers as a gift with purchase Use power shakers as a gift with purchase

The final merchandise trend in this industry is custom designed fitness club access cards.  Many gyms and fitness clubs require a card or tag to allow secure access for their clients into their club.  Gyms have the option of customizing the design of these tags, from key rings to lanyards, and ensure their brands colours and logo are highly visible. When deciding on what specific type of merchandise access option should be used, consider where clients will keep the merchandise eg. in their wallet, with car and house keys or attached to their gym bag.  This merchandise provides a way for a gym or fitness club to stay entrenched in a client’s mind.

As Australians continue to adopt a healthier and more active way of life, the fitness industry will grow and develop, making the need for unique and customized merchandise to be created by brands in order to stand out from the competition.  These are only a few popular items to get your fitness campaigns going. Call us on 1800 (PROMOS) 776 667 for ideas on how to customize your campaigns.