Our Commitment

to Environmental


“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”

David Attenborough

Every Day is Earth Day

PromosXchange supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. We believe every day is Earth Day. We recognise that we have a role to play to minimise the impact our organisation has on the environment. We are committed to work with the resources available to us to reduce waste, carbon footprint and continually improve our environment practices.

Here are a few ways we’re enhancing our products and services for our community and the planet:

Extending Eco Friendly Range of Products

PromosXchange has an extensive history of supporting the reduction of impact of products on the environment. We have offered eco friendly promotional products since the beginning and been part of the journey towards the future of more sustainable options. We are thoughtful about the long term impact promotional items have on our environment in terms of both longevity of the product and the related supply and manufacturing process. We are constantly introducing more environmentally friendly items such as reusable bags, bottles, straws and cups. We are working towards reducing plastics in packaging and offering re-usable or biodegradable alternatives. We are expanding our range with items made from renewable resources such as wheat fibre, bamboo and paper products.

Accelerating Awareness through Partnerships

We are working hard to incorporate sustainability into our supply chain via our expectations of more eco-friendly products and manufacturing from our suppliers. We are passionate about working with clients to create awareness around lowering the adverse impact of our actions on the environment. We offer pro bono support to non-profits to help with their environmental messaging on promotional products. We directly help environmental groups with their efforts such as, planting 100 trees with The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, to commemorate International Mother Earth Day 2023. We proactively educate clients that green practices is an important aspect of value for money and ‘fit for purpose’ when considering custom promotional products, and final purchasing decision should not be based on merely lowest prices. We seek to redirect clients to products with sustainable substrates and features. We encourage bulk batching of jobs and local Australian production and printing, where possible; this improves supply chain efficiency, and can deliver savings on carbon emissions and wastage in transit.

Using Innovation to Reduce Carbon Footprint

We are constantly improving our website to provide more extensive catalogue to prevent clients from requesting hard copy catalogues. We aim to adopt more digital engagements to reduce our travel footprints such as client meetings that result in more productive and better experiences. We are embracing automation in our work processes and premises such as smart lights, plugs, switches, thermostats and reception. We endeavour to opt for more sustainable technology, such as eco friendly manufacturing machines, tools and inks. We invest in digital print systems (inkjet and electrophotography) that favour a reduction in resources and the average run length of many print jobs. We are looking to integrate more systems across our networks for more efficiency such as web-to-print platforms.

Reducing Waste

We realise that waste generation can be reduced at the source and we seek to minimise the waste we send to landfill. We have always practiced on demand printing that prevents excess printed materials and resources being wasted. We are careful not to over-deploy resources in our supply and manufacturing processes. We strongly encourage the use of reusable items such as sustainable bags, travel flasks and packaging. We are expanding our recycling programs, including those for electronics. We donate items to charity, where feasible. Unused items are also used for research and development, for example, discontinued apparel for testing on different substrates.

When Sustainability Matters, Trust PromosXchange

At PromosXchange, environmental sustainability is at the core of our business vision. Call us at 1800 776 667 to learn more on how your brand can help educate people on the importance of green practices with promotional products.

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