What payment fees should I be aware of?

PromosXchange aims to deliver superior services and products for your branding. In doing so, we request that you are aware of the following fees so that there are no disruptions in our delivery to you:

– credit cards VISA and MasterCard payments incur a 1.8% fee per transaction while AMEX attracts a 2.6% fee per transaction
– international bank transfers incur a $25 per transaction
– reversals/chargebacks incur a $25.00 fee per transaction
– dishonours or insufficient funds incur a $45.00 fee per transaction
– late payments attract an interest of 1.5% per month, calculated daily
– other related admin and recovery fees for non-paid fees
– surcharges for any changes in order once data has reached our production eg. sizes, colours, additional items, design etc.

Relevant charges will be added to your account if not already added.