Why Use Promotional Products As Incentives

Consider promotional products over cash rebates or discounts in your incentive programs. This is because tangible incentives like promotional products are identifiable as a reward for extraordinary behavior. Cash, on the other hand, is a satisfier, more than a motivator. Customers or prospects also mentally positively associate free gifts with celebrations while cash is mentally associated with paying bills and covering obligations. Free gift with purchase programs when executed correctly work a treat because promotional products are used daily by many people. Be it that free imprinted toy in a Mc Happy meal or the free printed pen with a magazine, logoed products are certainly used. Some logoed products even get used multiple times a day such as printed pens. According to a study by the Advertising Institute, 44% of respondents use printed pens at least once a week and 20% use printed pens more than five times a day. So if you’re looking to have your brand in front of your customer and prospects every day, promotional products is your answer.