Promotional Products Industry Who’s Who

We sometimes get customers who are confused about who’s who in the Promotional Products Industry. Here’s a quick run down on the 3 common roles in the promotional products industry:

1. Promotional Consultant (Distributor): The Promotional Consultant also known as the Distributor is the middleman who is in touch with the promotional products industry and can offer the Buyer creative solutions and advise for their promotional campaigns. They have strong links with a range of wholesalers and a strong understanding of the industry’s processes. Some Distributors may also do some of the imprinting processes in-house. So the Distributor is an important resource for advertising houses, marketing professionals, businesses and organisations.

2. Supplier (Wholesaler): The Supplier is a promotional products company that directly manufactures, imports, imprints or otherwise produces the promotional products. They do not deal with the general public. They only offer their services and products for sale through Promotional Distributors. Beware though. There are Distributors who claim that they are wholesalers offering direct from factory prices when in fact this is furthest from the truth. When you compare their prices, you’ll find that they are retail prices not wholesale prices.

3. Advertiser (Buyer): If you’re a company or organisation who is buying promotional products from a Distributor for your promotional campaign than you are the Advertiser, also known as the Buyer. Sometimes a company outsources their marketing to a marketing consultant who deals on their behalf with the Distributor.

If you’re the Buyer, work closely with a Distributor who has strong links with renowned Wholesalers.