Ordering Promotional Clothing Online

With so many promotional clothing distributors sprouting up online from Zimbabwe to Norway, who should you order from and what should you look out for?

1. Choose an Aussie Company
Choose an Aussie company to entrust with your brand. Ordering promotional clothing from overseas online distributors on your own can be tempting due to their cheaper prices. However, as per feedback from clients who’ve done this before, this often gives you more hassles and headaches than it’s worth such as when you need to return poor quality products back to China.
2. Brands Matter
A reliable promotional clothing distributor would carry trusted Aussie promotional clothing brands such as Winning Spirit and Johnny Bobbin who are renowned for their high quality garments.
3. Ensure there’s a Product Quality Guarantee if not you might be left in the lurch if something goes wrong with the product.
4. To Design or Not to Design – if you’re submitting your own artwork, to avoid delays, ensure that it meets the specs of the company. If you require the company to design your artwork, be specific about what you’d like and ask for their advise.
5. Let them know the purpose of your branded clothing – eg. clothing for one off events don’t have to be as high quality as clothing for staff which need to be more durable.
6. Always always get an email proof of your finished design before you give your ok for the job to proceed and remember to check your proofs diligently because if there are errors and printing goes ahead, the company will not be held liable.
7. Clothing sizes – ask for a size chart if you’re unsure about sizes, better yet get a sample to see how it’d fit as everyone likes their clothing fitted differently. Getting samples for sizing is usually an added cost but this cost can credited back into the job if you go ahead or return the samples within a certain period.
8. Know you can speak to a real person and that you promptly get the assistance when you need it.
9. Check out their testimonials page, this will give you a fair idea of their work ethic. By the way, if you see testimonials with just the first name of a person eg. Joe without a company name, for example, be aware that these usually fake testimonials.
10. Order in advance – 2-3 weeks lead time is often sufficient turnaround times from your artwork approval.