Funk it Up Drink Bottles

Workouts can be boring so I like to add colour to my workout gear. These Funk It Up Drink Bottles are ideal. They come in cool clear, translucent blue and translucent red with a silver screw top cap. You can hold almost a litre of water in this baby. As with all our other plastics bottles, these come BPA free. “What’s BPA?”, I hear you ask. Well, it’s basically a chemical which is not good for you or if you want me to show how smart I am, well, it stands for bisphenol A. Don’t ask me any further because I’m not a chemist.

Other than being BPA free and looking cool, these Funk It Up Drink Bottles also come with 3 different delivery leadtime options. A 24 hour rush production time and 3 day turnaround (both especially useful if you forgot that promotional campaign deadline your boss assigned you), or 10 weeks delivery (if you are a super organised person and have time to kill for your bulk order promotional campaigns, you’ll have dollars to save). These bottles are made from hard plastic so they are extremely durable. Toss em and chuck em around and they’ll still be fine.

In addition, they each come with a complimentary freezer bar. Never used a freezer bar in a drink bottle? Have no clue what it does? Well, essentially, you can put the freezer bar in the freezer then once they’re frozen, just pop them into your funk it up drink bottles. They’ll keep your water cool through your workout.

Minimum order for these promotional bottles is just 100 units. But why stop at just a 100 of these awesome bottles. I’m sure you can think of more than 100 people who could use these bottles and get your branding out there such as family, friends, staff, current customers and prospects. They even come with an easy pull leak resistant spout so you don’t look silly trying to drink water from your standard drink bottle while running on the treadmill and spilling it all over your tee when you’re trying to impress that hot guy in your gym.

So what sort of branding would look good on these bottles? I believe less is more so I personally would go for a 1 colour white print on both sides on the translucent red and translucent blue bottles and a black print on the clear bottles as these are excellent contrasting colours on the different coloured bottles so this will ensure that your branding stands out.