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Top 10 Weekly Countdown: Promoting Your Organisation

At PromosXchange we have an extensive list of promotional products to help you and your brand achieve it’s marketing dreams! These promotional items are more than just an object with your logo printed – products such as t-shirts, caps and even pens can strengthen a relationship between you and the client, leading to future business

4 Reasons Why Promotional Merchandise Advertising is Vital for SMEs


In a recent research by APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association), it was discovered that SMEs are the largest buyers of promotional products making up 32% of total promotional products sales by consumer category type. It’s apparent that more and more SMEs are realizing the power of promotional merchandise advertising. As Mark Twain said, “Many a

5 Ways to Use Promotional Products in Social Media

Promotional products and merchandise is a great way to build your brand’s social media presence. All that tweeting, facebook time, blogging and the rest of it would be useless without getting your target audience engaged. Due to the tangible nature of promotional gifts, they are sure to give you powerful brand interaction when used together

5 Ways to Incorporate Promotional Merchandise in Your Marketing

Promotional merchandise plays a big role in marketing and gaining more clients for your business. In fact, most major companies rely heavily on this advertising and marketing technique which has proven to be very effective. Giving out promo items is also an effective tool to enhance brand awareness and of course brand visibility among consumers.

Embroidered Polos Styles & Designs

Embroidered polos are very versatile. You can dress them up with pants or dress down with jeans but still look smart. They are ideal for workplace settings where t shirts too informal making embroidered polos a great substitute.  Due to it’s versatility, comfort and presentation, embroidered polos are very popular both in the workplace and at events. Here are the most common types

Funk it Up Drink Bottles


Workouts can be boring so I like to add colour to my workout gear. These Funk It Up Drink Bottles are ideal. They come in cool clear, translucent blue and translucent red with a silver screw top cap. You can hold almost a litre of water in this baby. As with all our other plastics

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