Marketing Is An Investment NOT An Expense

Marketing can make the difference between the life and death of a business. If you don’t understand marketing, you don’t understand business and if you don’t understand business, well there’ll be no business. Marketing is an investment that should be a part of the creation of your product/service from development through to promotion and distribution and on to the sales experience and post-sales service. The most common mistake amongst most start-up businesses is to wait and expect the phones to ring miraculously without a marketing plan and marketing investment. Saving money by cutting out marketing is a bit like running a car on a low tank. You can still run the car for a short distance before it clunks out. In the promotional products industry, we see many small businesses trying to save on promotional products marketing at the expense of their business image. For example, we often get asked if we can print one light colour on black tees without the extra white print base which is required to make a print job look good and last. Even after explaining to such customers that sacrificing the white base would make the print look bad, they still want to go ahead with that to save money! That’s when we draw the line and refuse to print such bad jobs as we value our brand image and only want to do the best jobs for our customers. If you don’t want to go into commercial extinction, understand also that you don’t have to spend big to get a good return with promotional products marketing. Just ask PromosXchange for some great promotional products ideas for your next marketing campaign.