Useful Promotional Products Get Kept

Thinking hard about the right promotional products for your next marketing campaign? Are you debating whether to get attractive or useful promotional products? Well, before you go ahead and make up your mind, consider this. Customers or prospects are most likely going to cling onto USEFUL items for a long time. Promotional items like imprinted bags, writing instruments and apparel are kept longer due to their higher rating of usefulness. So don’t just choose promotional items based on looks. Remember your target audience and choose items that would be useful to them. For example, if the event is a conference, imprinted satchel bags would be very useful to the conference attendees and if it’s for a tradeshow imprinted tote bags are always a winner to keep goodies in. Below is a snapshot of usefulness versus attractiveness of a few imprinted products as found in a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute:

Reason for Keeping Item Useful Attractiveness

Bags 91% 34%

Writing Intruments 91% 12%

Other Apparel 89% 39%

Glassware/Ceramics 86% 26%