T shirt Printing is an Art Like the Mona Lisa

T shirt printing is an art best left to the experts in the trade. High quality professionals in t shirt printing can truly transform your design into a printed masterpiece. Have a design in your thoughts but not the design skills to materialise it? PromosXchange can offer you design creation through to production and distribution for t shirt printing so there’s no mucking around running from one place to another. Plus, we offer free shipping which is taken out from our profit margin (Ouch!) to satisfy our valued customers. We offer a product quality guarantee and once your design is printed by us, there’s no further print set-up costs for future jobs with the same design so you win there too. Look, poorly printed t shirts can give yourself a reaaally bad image so don’t risk it by getting printers working from their garage to do the job or a printer who doesn’t offer a product quality guarantee. You wouldn’t trust your Mona Lisa painting with such guys so why would you with your brand name?