Promotional Tote Bags

When I look around, it’s amazing how many people use promotional tote bags. I reckon the most popular types are the Coles shopping tote bag or Supre’s short handle promotional tote bags. There are a few reasons why promotional tote bags are so popular as an advertising tool. The screen printing area on the promotional tote bags is large so it’s value for your advertising dollar. Tote bags are environmentally friendly so you send a positive message about your brand. They are cheap yet trendy. There’s low cost per impression as bags are used frequently which means maximum exposure of your brand. There are different styles of tote bags, eg. short handle tote bags, long handle tote bags, economy tote bags, slings tote bags, shopping tote bags and they also come with or without a gusset. Basically, gusset bags have sides which expand which allows you to pack more into the bag. Available in bright colours at great prices, the PromosXchange promotional tote bags are fast becoming the preferred accessory to get the maximum exposure for your brand.