Promotional T shirts – Screen Printing Metallic and Glitter Inks

Promotional T shirts can make your company logo  stand out from your competitors. Not sure how to go about it? Don’t want to spend too much money? Well, there is a unique way; by making your next investment in metallic and glitter inks for your next screen printed t shirts.

Here at PromosXchange, we don’t only screen print using standard colours, but also print using a selected range of special inks such as metallic, fluorescent and glitter inks on your branded t shirts. Whilst metallic and glitter inks on screen printed t shirts do incur some additional charges to your promotional product cost, the investment will be well worth it.

A standard screen print colour can look effective on your  promotional t shirts that you use at every event, but special inks will take your promotion one step further and really make your branding standout from the crowd.

Metallic prints have a shiny effect and adds a touch of class. Whether you want the whole print for your promotional t shirts in metallic or just an effective outline on your dark garment, a metallic print is sure to prove a success. Whether you want your print on a basic t shirt or for your company polo shirt, at PromosXchange, we can help you achieve something unique with our metallic inks screen printed t shirts.

Glitter inks are great especially if you are wearing printed t shirts to a night event at a club or a concert. Since it is has the finish of metallic print but with a much greater sparkle, attention will be drawn to your branded t shirts. Glitter inks are especially popular drawing up to the festive season.

Stand out from the crowd with metallic and glitter prints this Christmas and New Year.