Promotional t shirt: The subtle marketing hook

It’s no secret that a huge number of people all over the world would rather wear something that is simple, comfortable, and perhaps offers a glimpse of a personal preference by the wearer, much like what t shirts do.  Arguably the clear preference of a majority of people from all walks of life, t shirts have become a huge business for many firms, as they are seen in practically every aspect of business and culture, from political views, social groups, personal views, and even words or inspiration, hence the term “tee-shirt slogans”.


This is why t shirts have proven to be quite an ideal marketing and advertising vehicle, since people wear them practically anywhere, and a brand on the shirt will definitely reach places where other forms of promotion may not as easily reach.  This is why custom t shirts are now a big thing, with numerous brands actually achieving pop art status because of the popularity of their promotional t shirt.  A promotional t shirt takes the concept of personalized t shirts one step further by not only making use of a preferred form of clothing, the t shirt, and personalizing it in such a way as to elicit a positive response to the branding seen on the shirt itself.  Whereas promotional shirts of the past simply posted big, bold letters announcing the brand, promotional shirts of today now feature more creative ways of promoting a brand, with favourable color combinations, whimsical sayings, and even eye-catching and thought-provoking artwork.


Other than the style and comfort that comes with a t shirt, people also like the fact that personalized t shirts were also designed to be of the utmost convenience, able to be worn with the least amount of preparation needed.  In many cases, custom t shirts can also be somewhat of a rare novelty, since they are not items one can simply purchase from the local department store or clothing store, making acquiring it even more of an incentive for people.  This in turn, makes the perfect marketing hook, as in many cases the acquisition of the promotional t shirt necessarily means purchasing or patronizing the brand, thus ensuring a sale.  This also works both ways, since a person who may not really have a liking for the promotional t shirt may inadvertently develop a recall for the brand advertised by the t shirt itself, by virtue of the human interest, since they see other people wearing the personalised t shirts, human psychology will unconsciously dictate that it might be worth trying.