Promotional Products – Why Brand Repetition is Key

When it comes to promotional products or promotional merchandise, it is no different to other types of advertising where consistent brand repetition is the key to the success of your marketing campaign. Below are 5 reasons why brand repetition is the key to the success of your promotional campaign. 

Mental Brand Association   

Ever heard an advertisement jingle that you just couldn’t get off your head and even found yourself embarrassingly humming to? Well, that’s the power of repeated advertisements; it actually conditions your prospects or consumers’ minds to recall your brand. In terms of tangible products with your brand, the more prospects and consumers see your brand name in front of them on a promotional products, the stronger the mental association with your brand.

Expands Brand Exposure 

When it comes to advertising, don’t expect results just from a one off marketing effort. Many businesses particularly small business owners make the mistake of relying on a one hit wonder. Instead, your promotional message on promotional products on a repeated cycle will get you more brand exposure. The more your brand exposure, the more saturated the market will get with your brand. 

Creates a Viral Buzz 

Repeated branding on promotional products is ideal as it creates a viral buzz by arousing the curiosity of others. Go a step further by promoting a thought provoking message on a unique promotional product to create a greater buzz. The possibilities are endless with custom made promotional merchandise. 

Image Reinforcement 

Having your promotional message consistently in front of your prospects and consumers gives you an opportunity to strongly reinforce what your brand stands for. For example, if you wish to promote that you are an environmentally friendly company, consistently promote this message on a range of green promotional merchandise to strongly instil this in the minds of your target market. 

Market Credibility 

The more your brand is seen everywhere, the more people get familiar with your brand. In this way, your brand becomes more credible. Prospects will start to take notice of your brand, trust you and become a customer of yours. 

Due to the 5 reasons above, you need to ensure repeated and consistent reinforcement of your brand or you risk falling short of making the impression you want in the minds of others.