Promotional Products Pad Printing Artwork

Transfer pad printing, commonly known as pad printing is a popular printing method for products of odd shapes, and sizes as they can be printed on without any sacrifice to detail. This method of printing is used for smaller sized promotional products such as promotional pens, mugs, stress items etc. Artwork required for quality printing are either vector EPS or Adobe Illustrator AI files and to size of the print area. Text must be converted to outlines. Images need to be at least 300dpi and either embedded or supplied as separate files. If all this sounds like a lot of technical jargon, don’t worry. PromosXchange provides free text artwork and free artwork enhancement for printing onto promotional products if you do not have your file in the correct format for quality print. This saves you $60 – $100 of what you’ll be charged from most other promotional products companies. The print area for pad printing is not large as it’s limited by plate, pad and efficiency of the machine and the size of the item being pad printed. So refrain from writing a thesis by using long lines of text and complex logos. Keep your artwork for pad printing simple. What works best is a very simple logo and short text. Anything else is an overkill.