Promotional Products – Longer Staying Power

If you want to keep your brand name in front of your customers and prospects longer, then you have to embrace the promo power. Promotional products have longer staying power than other types of advertising. Just look around your office and home. You’re most likely to find promotional mugs, printed t shirts, stubby holders, desktop accessories all with the name of the advertiser on those items. Are you likely to chuck ’em out? I doubt so especially when promotional products come in so handy like those promotional mugs you so often drink out of. I still have Geelong Footy Club’s promotional mug from the 90s and I think I’ll still keep it to cheers to their next premiership win which is hopefully not another 44 years away! According to a new study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, most people keep promotional products an average of seven months. Seven months…that’s even longer than the Footy season!