Promotional Marketing – The Perfect Logo

When designing your logo, keep it simple. The main objective of a logo is so the general public can easily recognise your brand whether it’s on your printed stationery, your website or promotional merchandise so if your logo is going to look very inconsistent on your various promotional marketing materials then that’s going to be a problem. Reduce this hassle by starting out with an easy to reproduce logo.  

Bear in mind how your logo will look like when imprinted on promotional products. How will your logo look like on a golf ball or a pen with a small imprint area, how about when it’s embroidered on staff uniforms?  Many designers are great at what they do – designing and kudos to them. However, very often they are not aware of imprinting techniques which will affect how your logo will look like on promotional merchandise. In turn, many businesses, particularly small businesses without their own marketing department are unaware of this very important aspect.

Ask a promotional marketing consultant’s opinion BEFORE approving the logo from your designer.  Complex logos with too much text, highlights and colours are going to be difficult for certain imprinting methods on promotional merchandise and will result in an inconsistent look plus more money out of your pocket.  Do your own research on what sort of logos companies are using in your own industry and assess if your logo “speaks” to your target audience. Run your logo past a few of your prospects or current clients and see what they think of your logo.

We’ve seen it too many times, beautifully designed logos which are not practical for imprint on promotional merchandise. Think of the successful brand names – Nike, Coca-cola and IBM and you’ll see that their logos are very simple, no fancy or complex graphic artwork yet they are excellent memory triggers.  If your logo doesn’t fit the bill then perhaps it’s time for a rebranding of your logo.