Promotional Clothing Tops Sizing

Getting the right sizes for promotional clothing tops for your staff or team is only confusing if you don’t know how to advise them on how to get the correct measurements. As sizes for all promotional clothing tops might vary, it’s always best to start off by getting a size chart from your promotional clothing distributor. Bear in mind that different people prefer a different fit for different types of tops. For instance, I love a tight fit for printed t-shirts but prefer a looser fit for embroidered polos. My friend on the other hand, loves all her printed t shirts and embroidered polos as tight fitting as possible so she loves getting the kids’ printed t shirts and embroidered polos. Oversize clothing ie. 3XL and above often cost more. Unisex tops are cheaper. However, they have a square cut and are often too big for smaller framed bodies. The perfect fit might not matter so much if the tops are going to be used as promotional giveaways and for one off events unlike if they were to be worn long term for staff members. The best way to get your team or staff the right sizes for tops such as printed t shirts and embroidered polos is to ask them to lay a top (that they’re comfortable in) flat and measure the length from under one armpit to the other armpit in centimetres. This measurement is known as the chest measurement or half chest. They can then match this measurement to measurements on the clothing size chart to see which size is a closer match. See how simple it really is?