Printed T Shirts – Promotional Clothing Tips

Printed t shirts  as promotional clothing are ideal for high impact promotional campaigns. They are versatile, mobile and highly visible and therefore of great value when it comes to promotional merchandise.

When asking for a price for printed t shirts, if the quantity you require is close to the next quantity price break, ask for the price for the next quantity price break as well and you will often find that it is more cost effective or sometimes even cheaper. When determining the quantity of promotional t-shirts required, always add 10%-20% depending on the quantity. You are always better off with more custom branded t-shirts than less as we always find that clients come back asking to print more promotional t-shirts. Remember, the more you purchase in one order, the less you pay.

Consider the event and the environment the promotional clothing are going to be worn in. If the printed t shirts are going to be for a one off event, you can choose lower premium tees, however, if the t-shirts are to be worn by your team for everyday work, you will require a more hardwearing t-shirts. Cool dry tees should be considered for more humid areas, summer and high level activity.  

Screen printing on branded t shirts work best on quality garments. Do not compromise your brand name for cheap low quality printed tees. Choose a promotional clothing distributor who carries a wide range of best value tees from renowned quality manufacturers to ensure great quality prints for your logo. More people are inclined to wear clothing they like. A good quality custom printed tee will give you a higher return on your investment with longer wears and brand exposure.

When choosing the sizes of your promotional tees, think of your target market. Unisex printed t shirts are great for more general promotions when you are unsure of the target audience sizes, for example, if you are giving out the clothing at a trade show. Bear in mind that unisex tees are more generous in sizes. If you have a more defined target market, for example, t-shirts to be worn by female fitness trainers, then you would be better off with ladies’ cooldry fitted t shirts.

Choose the tee based on the objective of your promotional campaign. For example, if you wish to communicate an eco friendly image, choose an organic tee. There are many styles and colours of t-shirts to suit your event from V neck, short sleeve, three quarter sleeve, long sleeve, crew neck in plain or contrast colours.

Other than screen printing, t-shirts can also be embroidered or imprinted with digital transfers of your logo. Embroidery is not recommended on thinner fabric tees as it has a heavier backing. For a complex multicolour logo, digital transfer is best. However, screen printing on tees is the most popular branding technique as it is often more cost effective especially for large non-multicolour logos.

It is best to send your logo to your promotional consultant so they can advise you on the best branding technique for promotional t shirts depending on your target audience, objective and budget.