Get Closer to Your Customers

If you’re not too popular with your customers, well then, you really need to read this and if you’re already Mr or Mrs Popular with your customers then keep this in mind. I’ve got news for you and it’ll make you your customer’s best friend. Give something good to your customers and you’ll get something good in return. Don’t just view your customers as walking dollar signs. Concentrate on meeting their needs and creating a favorable impression of your business. In a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 42% of business people have a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional item. That’s nearly half the number of recipients! The percentage is even higher for certain other promotional products. Here are the top 3 promotional products which received the most favorable impressions:
1. Imprinted Bags – 53%
2. Promotional Shirts – 49%
3. Promotional Caps – 45%
Add promotional products to your upcoming marketing campaigns and rest assured that your stock value held by your customers and potential customers will shoot up!