Corporate Printed T-shirts Don’t Have to Look Dull

virgin corporate tee

Corporate printed tees or promotional t shirts are not usually worn by employees of Corporate companies when it comes to dressing for the office but there are those corporate outings or sports fests that let everybody relax and have fun for a few hours. It is during these occasions that corporate printed t-shirts come into play.

Basically corporate t shirts contain the corporation’s logo, name, or even motto and can come in an assortment of sizes, colours and material. Your corporate promotional tee does not have to look dull. The design to be used can depend on the type of occasion that it will be used for, a family day, a sports fest, or even in support of a particular advocacy. To encourage an appealing design, it would even be more fun if several designs are presented for the employees to vote on before going ahead with the final design for your promotional t-shirt.

If you are a corporate company with several units, groups or divisions, colour it up. You could have the corporate tees colour coded, either by branch or by division, particularly if it is to be used for sports events. Add individual numbers and personalised names to the corporate sports tees to encourage healthy competition and a sense of belonging at competitive events.

The type of fonts you use in your promotional t shirt design can often make the difference as to whether your printed tees attract attention or get overlooked in a crowd. Use funky looking fonts to make your printed tshirts look fun for events.

People are often drawn to colours and images. You can use multi-coloured images to make your corporate tshirt look more interesting, for instance an image of your mascot or an image representing your advocacy to symbolize your team spirit within the organization. Multi-coloured images and large size images can cost significantly more when screen printing or digitally printing the design. So always allocate a budget and send your design to a promotional company first to get a quote before finalising your design. This will help save you from getting a nasty surprise with an unexpected huge bill.

Once you have decided on the fun print for your corporate tees, the marketing rep will have to determine the type of tees required. There is a myriad of t shirts available from cotton, polyester tees, short sleeve, longe sleeve, v neck tshirts, round neck tees and everything in-between. Choose the type of t shirt that will be utilised well. Other than having to choose the type of tee, the marketing rep will need to decide on the the quantity of these printed tshirts needed, the sizes, the deadline for the delivery of the merchandise and which reliable promotional company to contact to have your idea brought to life on the t shirts. It may seem like a daunting task at first but once the wheels have been put into motion there really is nothing to worry about.

How have you made your printed t shirt look interesting? Share your comments with us in the comments section below. You can also share your pictures with us on Pinterest. We would love to hear from you.