Class it up with Branded Keyrings

Keyrings are ideal for high impact low profile campaigns. The right keyring can class up your brand image. Their constant use provides great brand recall for your business. Keyrings also have a longer life span than most other promotional products as people tend keep their keyrings for years.

Metal Keyrings

Choosing the right shape keyring and imprint makes a difference to the effectiveness of keyrings as promotional items. Engraved designs means that your logo won’t break away or rub away with time and use. For a classy look, go for a simple engraved logo/text on a metal keyring.

Use them as gifts to employees to boost their morale. Their small size also makes them ideal to mail out as corporate gifts to your clients. Their beautiful and classy look will distinguish you from your competitors and keep your brand name up there. A little expense goes a long way!