5 Ways to Incorporate Promotional Merchandise in Your Marketing

Promotional merchandise plays a big role in marketing and gaining more clients for your business. In fact, most major companies rely heavily on this advertising and marketing technique which has proven to be very effective. Giving out promo items is also an effective tool to enhance brand awareness and of course brand visibility among consumers. Here are 5 ways on how to fully maximize the use of promotional merchandise to create compelling and successful branding for your company:

  1. Gain more clients and prospects by giving out promotional merchandise during the opening of your new store or branch. This is a great technique to get more people to visit your store or to check out your company especially when you are just starting out in the business. Make sure that you choose items that will represent your company so people can right away connect the item to your business. Also ensure that your company name, logo or slogan is clearly printed in the promo item so consumers can easily spot the basic information of your company.
  2. You can also use your company promo items as giveaways during any special events such as trade fairs or even during special occasions in your company like your company anniversary or during Christmas season for instance. Corporate giveaways are common especially during trade fairs or exhibits so always ensure that your items will stand out and that your brand will be effectively promoted.
  3. Your new clients will truly appreciate your promotional merchandise which will also serve as their sort of welcome pack. As we all know, everyone loves receiving gifts and what better way to make your new clients feel welcome and assured that they have made the right choice is by giving them great promotional merchandise which can also work as a free advertisement on the go. All this advertisement on the go strategy will generate more prospects for your company.
  4. Promotional merchandise can also be used as corporate gifts for any occasion. High priced promo items can also be used as prizes for your company raffle for your existing clients or you can also give out such items to loyal clients as a way of saying thank you for their support and patronage.
  5. To promote brand awareness not just to your clients, you can also give out corporate items to employees that can serve as their reward for their excellent work. These items can also be used during company events or even on any given occasion to make your employees feel appreciated. Employees who use their company items can certainly help boost the branding of the company especially when they use it outside work.

With all these great ways to use promotional items, you may think that this marketing strategy would cause a dent in the budget. Fortunately, an effective promotional merchandise campaign doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of great and yet affordable promotional items that can be used in all businesses to get achieve their marketing objectives.