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T Shirt Printing 2010

T shirt Printing in 2010 at PromosXchange is going to be a whole lot better with a wider range of t shirts on offer. Our elves in the back office (leftover from the Christmas party) are hard at work adding many more t shirts to our t shirt range. On the list is 100% Australian Made Tees available for

T shirt Printing – All Over Prints

We sometimes get asked by customers if we can do all over prints across seams on t shirts.  There are boundaries within which screen printers have to work with T shirt Printing . Screen print designs cannot be done across seams of t shirts. Screen printers can usually print 1cm from the seams of the t shirts.  With T shirt Printing, screen prints are

T Shirt Printing Cotton VS Poly

T-shirts are most popularly made of cotton or polyester fibers (or a mix of the two). In fact, polyester and cotton account for more than 85% of the global fibre market. Making the choice between cotton vs poly for your t shirt printing really depends on what you’re looking for in a shirt for your

Top Two Most Popular T shirt Printing Methods

There are many methods of t shirt printing in the market today. However, the top two most popular t shirt printing methods have got to be screen printing and heat transfer printing or digital transfers. So which one do you go for, screen printing or digital transfers? Well, ultimately the t shirt printing methods used

Celebs Influence on T shirt Printing

T shirt printing became popular since the 70s when people started thinking of new creative ways to protest the Vietname War. In recent times, celebrities and their trend setting ways with unique t shirt printing messages have further catapulted the popularity of t shirt printing. Britney Spears was the pioneer in using screen printed t

T shirt Printing is an Art Like the Mona Lisa

T shirt printing is an art best left to the experts in the trade. High quality professionals in t shirt printing can truly transform your design into a printed masterpiece. Have a design in your thoughts but not the design skills to materialise it? PromosXchange can offer you design creation through to production and distribution