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5 Ways to Incorporate Promotional Merchandise in Your Marketing

Promotional merchandise plays a big role in marketing and gaining more clients for your business. In fact, most major companies rely heavily on this advertising and marketing technique which has proven to be very effective. Giving out promo items is also an effective tool to enhance brand awareness and of course brand visibility among consumers.

Promotional Products – The Top Buyers

The promotional products industry is a thriving industry with sales in its billions of dollars each year. So who are the top buyers in the industry? Well, obviously the top buyers are the ones who are cleverly utilising their bigger budgets as they know the value of promotional products in their marketing mix. According to the Promotion Magazine (March/April 2009

Promotional Products Made Obama President

I’ve got to say, I am a great supporter of Obama. Not because he’s now President of the United States but because he and his marketing campaign people had the sense to know the value of promotional products. His campaign’s investment into promotional products was a factor in getting him out there and into the

Useful Promotional Products Get Kept

Thinking hard about the right promotional products for your next marketing campaign? Are you debating whether to get attractive or useful promotional products? Well, before you go ahead and make up your mind, consider this. Customers or prospects are most likely going to cling onto USEFUL items for a long time. Promotional items like imprinted

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