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Promotional Products Deliver Lowest Cost Per Impression

The downturn of the economy has caused many businesspeople to look around for the best return on their advertising and marketing dollars. Instead of getting lesser sales, sales at PromosXchange, one of Australia’s fastest growing Promotional Products Company, have more than doubled in the last quarter. This is because traditional media such as radio, tv and print has taken a backseat to other forms of advertising such as Promotional Products. The Promotional Products industry in Australia is pretty much in its infancy, only about 30 years young compared to America whose industry has been around for over two centuries so there’s a lot of work to do in terms of making businesspeople in Australia aware of the true potential of logoed products. If you’re measuring the Return on Investment of your marketing (please tell me you are, if not you should), then it’s vital to know that a single logoed product such promotional bags can yield several hundred impressions per month. In fact, according to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, just a single promotional bag averages 1038 impressions per month. So if you gave out 1000 of those promotional bags, that makes it over a million impressions per month. Considering the fact that you can buy printed tote promotional bags from under $2, I say that’s a fantastic return.

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