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Promotional Clothing – Cotton Prices


Promotional clothing such as corporate clothing and work uniforms prices will be affected by the soaring cotton prices recently. At the 2010 financial year, the price of cotton was US$0.75 per pound. However by mid November 2010, the price of cotton was $1.40. This is a whopping 86% increase in the price of cotton in

Promotional Products – China Developments

Our promotional products industry is greatly affected by developments in China. Over 80% of the products we consume and use such as promotional merchandise is from China. However, recent developments in China have caused rippling effects to our local promotional products industry namely in terms of: Longer production lead times Higher prices There are a number of

Promotional Lollies and Promotional Confectionery: Tis the Season to be “Lolly”

Promotional Lollies and Promotional Confectionery is a great way to celebrate the festive season such as Christmas and New Year. Who in their right mind does not like promotional confectionery such as lollies and chocolates? For this reason, custom confectionery  as a category of promotional products is extremely popular all year round especially coming up

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