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Most Recipients of Promotional Products Return As Customers

What can you expect when you spend money sending out promotional products to a client or prospect? Well, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, you can be fairly sure that they are likely to come back as a customer. In fact, the Advertising Specialy Institute found that sixty-two percent of businesspeople did business with the advertiser on a promotional product after receiving the item. By sending your customers or prospects free promotional products, you’re expressing your appreciation towards them. This either makes a current relationship better or helps create a new one.

Be careful not to send cheap and nasty promotional products to your clients and prospects. This will just do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve and will give your business a bad name such as “Those cheapskate buggers!”. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t always give the same item to all customers and prospects. Reward your loyal clients with something better. Choose an item that’s going to look classy for your loyal clients, for example, executive promotional pens engraved with your company name or logo. You beauty! For prospects, choose the best promotional pens within your price range, ie. a promotional pen which looks like it’s worth more than it actually is.

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