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Celebs Influence on T shirt Printing

T shirt printing became popular since the 70s when people started thinking of new creative ways to protest the Vietname War. In recent times, celebrities and their trend setting ways with unique t shirt printing messages have further catapulted the popularity of t shirt printing. Britney Spears was the pioneer in using screen printed t shirt messages such as “I am the American Dream” and “Soon to be Mrs Ferdeline”. Since then, many celebrities have followed suit utilising the power of t shirt printing to convey powerful and controversial messages. For example, a whole host of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Fergie, Oprah, Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys were spotted with printed t shirt messages such as “Vote or Die”, Obama is Progress” and “Obama for your Mama” to show their support for the Obama campaign. And as most of you junk magazine readers would know, there was also a t shirt war between Pamela Anderson, a strict vegetarian and animal activist who sported a t shirt with “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)” and Jessica Simpson who had the opposite message “Real Girls Eat Meat”.

T shirt War Between Pam & Jessica

T shirt War Between Pam & Jessica

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