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Promotional Products Industry Who’s Who

We sometimes get customers who are confused about who’s who in the Promotional Products Industry. Here’s a quick run down on the 3 common roles in the promotional products industry: 1. Promotional Consultant (Distributor): The Promotional Consultant also known as the Distributor is the middleman who is in touch with the promotional products industry and

Promotional Campaigns The 6 Must Knows

Just the other day, a promotional consultant got a call from a customer who wanted to order promotional products for a trade show event in a hurry. As usual, the promotional consultant went through the list of questions we normally ask customers to meet their needs. However, the consultant didn’t get much from their conversation.

PromosXchange Offers Express Promotional Products

Do you have an event coming up in just a few days but you haven’t prepared the promotional side of things for it? Or are you handling the marketing in your company but the decision makers keep changing their minds so you’re left to last minute promotional sourcing? Well, you don’t have to panic. When

Marketing Is An Investment NOT An Expense

Marketing can make the difference between the life and death of a business. If you don’t understand marketing, you don’t understand business and if you don’t understand business, well there’ll be no business. Marketing is an investment that should be a part of the creation of your product/service from development through to promotion and distribution

Embroidered T Shirts

The PromosXchange line of promotional t shirts are fashionable and the best value for money in Australia for the high quality promotional t shirts offered. Dress up your image with the PromosXchange embroidered T shirts. Embroidered T shirts are ideal when you need a small logo embroidered on your tees, the most common embroidery of

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Marketing experts agree that embroidered company shirts enhances a company’s image to customers and prospects. Embroidered polo shirts especially are a mark of style. They are also versatile as they look good with pants and jeans. Wear them when you’re playing golf, at sports events, trade shows or simply use them as uniforms for your

Incorporate Promotional Products in Your E Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to communicate with your customers efficiently and grow your business in a cost effective way. Growing your email campaign database can be challenging. However, by incorporating Promotional Products into your email campaigns, you can cross this challenging bridge. To grow your email database, try this. Create an email opt

Promotional Products Deliver Lowest Cost Per Impression

The downturn of the economy has caused many businesspeople to look around for the best return on their advertising and marketing dollars. Instead of getting lesser sales, sales at PromosXchange, one of Australia’s fastest growing Promotional Products Company, have more than doubled in the last quarter. This is because traditional media such as radio, tv